Are our children too tired to celebrate Jesus?

I have 4 children under 12 and at least 20 people in our church family who work in education.
Leaving aside (temporarily) the impending fear of surprise Ofsted, which keeps teachers tense, the irrational abandoning of levels just as we all got used to them, the ludicrous expectation of paperwork and data for teachers…
A term running from 1st Sept to 18th December (with 1 week off) is TOO LONG! – By this stage children are too tired to learn and teachers are probably too tired to teach. I’ve just heard of a school being visited by Ofsted today, amidst Christmas celebrations and totally exhausted staff and pupils, that’s as ridiculous and hideous as Donald Trump and US gun laws.

I know there are bigger issues in the world right now, but no one around me has the energy to really be constructive because most people I meet are too tired to function.

I dislike using my blog rant as much as the next person and I’m supposed to be writing a sermon on speaking words that build up not corrupt…. so here’s my constructive version….

Let’s find a way to enable children to work, rest and play in a healthy balance with some holidays, so when they get to celebrating Jesus’ bringing hope and good news of salvation, they can enjoy it.

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