Awakening: from Hollow Religion to Heavenly Relationship

Awakening_BCover copy

I’m delighted to announce that my book is printed and ready for sale!

This has been a 5+ year journey, from compiling a few notes for a booklet for friends, to publication and I’m delighted to share this message with others.  In 2004 God turned my life around when I recognised that I’d let myself become ‘religious’.  I read through the Bible asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to me a fresh understanding of how hollow religion is in opposition to God’s kingdom. What God showed me has changed my life and my ministry.

Many people I know have recognised ‘hollow religion’ (or ‘a religious spirit’) in their life and wanted to get rid of it, many parts of the church talk of ‘religion’ as a damaging, restrictive reality.  In this book I attempt to give a biblical understanding of this and more importantly encourage people back into relationship with God.  Hollow religion is built on the lie that we are distant from God.

As we are reconciled to him, religion fades and its grip on us diminishes.

Copies of the book are available on Amazon and in book shops over the next couple of weeks.  The RRP is &8.99

I have copies of my own which I will happily post to you from early November, at a discounted price. – Please email: with your address and I can give payment details.
or contact via social media.