Healing and Connection.


A period of enforced rest following a painful facial injury has brought me to finally give blogging a go.

A few weeks ago I fell in the night and lacerated my face in 3 places, it was a nasty shock, you don’t want details.  I was rushed to hospital and had surgery and am now recovering.
As I first felt my face in the wrong places and then saw the mess, did I cry out to God for immediate healing? Yes, Oh yes, so did my wife.
I prayed in the ambulance, in the cubicle in A&E, on the ward, as the anaesthetic knocked me out, as I lay in recovery regaining consciousness.  Hundreds of others have prayed and within minutes of posting my news on Facebook, seeing the kind messages and promises of people praying, I literally felt something unusual happening to the whole wound.

The healing didn’t happen immediately though; it has been gradual throughout the week.  I check the wound every morning and at various points through the day and I can watch it healing bit by bit. It’s an amazing, exciting process.  An immediate miracle would have been fabulous, but getting well again is the goal.

God, in His amazing creation included healing within his design of life.  Sometimes healing comes ‘miraculously’. These are the healings that buck the trends of medical evidence; they either happen unusually quickly or have a healed outcome that would have not been expected to occur medically (i.e. where medics not have expected to see healing).

But there’s another form of healing, which is the healing inbuilt into the system of creation. Things that are alive have this extraordinary ability to heal themselves.

The wound on my face is in a particularly prominent place and so I’ve been aware of each part as it has started to heal over the week.  
Amidst the parts of my face that are healing, there are also parts that look horrible; stitches, residue from bleeding, dead skin (I won’t go on, this isn’t medical journal)

There’s a dramatic difference between those parts that are healing and those that are decaying.  The difference is this; that which is attached to my living body is healing and growing and coming together; the parts that aren’t connected to a source of life are withering and dying.

Being sensitive to the squeamish, (not always his style!) Jesus used a similar image in John 15 of the vine.

Where there is connection to a source of life, healing is possible, sometimes immediate, sometimes gradual, but always bringing deeper unity and health.  Where there is disconnection or separation, then there will be decay and the results are disorder; an ugly mess.

So where are you in danger of becoming disconnected at the moment?